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As we read the context, it is very obvious that the words were being applied to those living on this planet right now. INTRODUCTION: 1. Lot's wife was a professor of religion: her husband was a "righteous man" (II Peter 2:8). II. From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 25, IT was the purpose of God always to maintain a testimony for truth and righteousness in the midst of this ungodly world. It's extrapolated from a text that deals with eschatology. 3) 1 Thessalonians 5:2 “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.”. Charles Haddon Spurgeon August 24, 1879 3) Lot’s wife had opportunity after opportunity to obey the Lord. Flight without so much as looking back was demanded of her, but this was too much; she did look back, and thus proved that she had sufficient presumption in her heart to defy Cod’s command, and risk her all, to give a lingering love-glance at the condemned and guilty world. 4) The story is found in Genesis 19. There is one very solemn thought, and that is that the angels’ hand had pressed her wrist. The Lord Jesus Christ says to us, "Remember Lot's wife." I fear that the number of true Christians in the world is very much less than we suppose. 4) They had manhandled her to get her out of the city after they lingered. His witness for purity would have been far more powerful if he had kept apart from them, for this is the protest which God demands of us when he says, “Come ye out from among them, be ye separate.”, In the midst of the world which lieth in the wicked one Lot lived on, not without greatly degenerating in spirit, until the kings came and carried him away captive. If Lot had never gone to Sodom his wife would not have perished near it. Consider Matthew 16:24-26 “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. She was on the margin of the shower, and as it fell she was salted with fire, she was turned into a pillar of salt where she stood. We cannot tell exactly when she became Lot’s wife, but we incline to the belief that it was after he had left Haran, for when Abraham left Haran we read that he took “Sarai his wife, and Lot his brother’s son,” but we do not read of Lot’s wife. Those who cling to sin must perish, be they who they may. It is by no means improbable, for out of all that came out of Egypt there were only two that entered into Canaan. Remember Lot’s wife!” There are few events in the Old Testament more solemn than the day Lot left Sodom, and few words more serious in the New Testament than the words of our Lord, “Remember Lot’s wife!” (I could add that there are few sermons more powerful than J.C. Ryle’s sermon on this text in … Remember Lot's wife. While the story focuses on Lot and the two cities, we get a glimpse of the attitude and heart of Lot’s wife. Job 9:33. What a picture! When we look back, when we fail to see Jesus. Men want to commit sodomy with Lot’s guests. The first sin that she committed was that she lingered behind. 10. 4) Her one redeeming characteristic was that she became an example to us on how not to behave. Site by Mere. If God would save a man he must fetch him out from the world; he cannot remain part and parcel of an ungodly world and yet be God’s elect one, for this is the Lord’s own word to the enemy at the gates of Eden— “I will put enmity between thee and the woman, between thy seed and her seed.” Did he not also say to Pharaoh, “I will put a division between my people and thy people”? She had not time to start or turn, and, with her neck just as it was, she stands as a statue of salt, a warning to all who should pass that way. Josephus, the Jewish historian of the first century, is reported to have said, "I have seen it, and it remains at this day." There have been many awful instances of this kand. Take care of little things. This makes the remembrance of Lot’s wife a very solemn thing to those who are allied by ties of kindred to the people of God. Faith may be as well exhibited by not looking as by looking. Sermon Feast of Tabernacles 2019: Remember Lot's Wife By: Phil Sena; Air Date: October 20th, 2019; Sermon ID: fte1907; Facebook; Twitter; Email This; Download. Sermons; Remember Lot's Wife; View on one page; Download (PDF) Copy sermon Print ; Save View all Sermons. I. He did not cease to be a good man, but he did cease to be a faithful witness for his God; and Abraham seems to have given him up altogether from that day, for we find that noble patriarch enquiring of the Lord concerning his heir, saying, “Lord God, what wilt thou give me, seeing I go childless, and the steward of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus?” And the Lord said, “This shall not be thine heir.” Now, this enquiry would have been needless had Lot been still reckoned to belong to the chosen seed, for naturally Lot was the heir of Abraham, but he forfeited that position and gave up his portion in the inheritance of the elect house by quitting the separated life. It is like the boy’s copy book. 2. Lot pitched his tents near Sodom where the people were … They linger. 3) He uses the example of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom’s walls without God are far less safe than a frail tent when God is a wall of fire around it.” His vexation with the conversation of the lewd townsmen ought to have made him long for the sweet air of the wild country; but not so, he again settles down in Sodom, and forgets the holy congregation which clustered around the tent of Abraham. This brings me to a third point of remembrance, which is this: remember that though she went some way towards escape SHE DID ACTUALLY PERISH THROUGH SIN. 1) On the one hand, her husband and family were fleeing the city. Just as the judgment on Sodom … You might as well be dead as be shut out from life.” When her husband had an opportunity of getting out of that rigid style by leaving his uncle she said she would like to go down Sodom way, because it would be nice for the girls, and give them a taste of something liberal and refined. Here is a hard thing; we must go without the camp, or utterly fail. 1) We need not be attached to the things of this life (Luke 12:15 “Beware of covetousness…”). She could not have learned the ways of Sodom— she might have given her heart still to the world, but she could not have been so clearly mixed up with it, and her daughters could not have been so ill-moralled as they were if he had resolved to live apart from the town’s people. We are taken from the blessings and protection that comes from following God exclusively and left to our own defense. 1) In the context, Jesus is speaking about the unexpectedness of judgment. If they got to Sodom there would be nice parties, and dances, and all sorts of things. 17:28-33). Now, dear friends, let us remember Lot’s wife each one of us by learning a personal lesson. ... Sermons, and Audio Books 5,655 views. The Apostle Peter told us plainly that Lot was a “righteous man” with a “righteous soul” (II Peter 2:8). CONCLUSION: [End of this Remember Lot’s Wife Sermon], The True Meaning to Life #11. Some of you may have had spiritual touches upon the conscience and heart, which you will never be able quite to forget, and the responsibility of this will cling to you, though you have drawn back from godliness and your heart crieth after vanity, and lusteth after its idols. “Neither is there any daysman betwixt us, that might lay his hand upon us both." Of course the people were a little loose, and rather fast; they went to plays where modesty was shocked, and gathered in admiration around performers whose lives were openly wanton; but then you see one must be fashionable, and wink at a good deal: we cannot expect all people to be saints, and no doubt they have their good points. O ye children of godly parents, I beseech you look to yourselves that ye be not driven down to hell from your mother’s side. Your browser does not support the audio element. Oh, you that are. She already lingered, she would soon have turned. “In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back.” Life itself they were not to hold dear, but to be ready to lay it down for his sake; for he said, “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.” To be divided from the world, its possessions, its maxims, its motives, is the mark of a disciple of Christ, and, in order to keep up the feeling of separateness among his followers, our Lord bade them “Remember Lot’s wife.” She is to be a caution to us all, for God will deal with us as with her if we sin as she did. III. She will never move again! This came upon her of a sudden, too. The Lord will sooner burn all Sodom down than Lot shall continue to be associated with its crimes, and dragged down by its evil spirit. She was united to him in the closest possible bonds, and yet she perished. God called us out of Haran, and away from the gods of our fathers, that we might live a separated life, and here I am going to stop, and you must stop with me,” she would have had to obey, or even if she had not done so, Lot was not to do evil to please his wife. What did she look at that brought her death? Here I must pause, or you will think that I have misread my text, and that I am preaching from the words— “Remember Lot”; and indeed, I might profitably do so, for there is much of warning in the history of Lot himself. 2) As this was happening, Lot’s wife turned and looked back. This was her sin. Moses tells us “Lot’s wife looked back from behind him.” That is, the good old man was making such haste as he could; but she, though she had run with him side by side, lingered in the rear— I should not wonder but what the same angel had one of them by the right hand and the other by the left, while the other angel brought the two daughters on behind, but Lot’s wife after all slackened her pace and  fell behind. We must be born again, for only the new birth, which is of the Spirit and from above, will bring us into covenant bonds. in Sodom her husband kept up such separateness as he could in such an evil place, and she saw the goodness of the man with all his mistakes. 1. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? The worst point, perhaps, about the perishing of Lot’s wife lay in this, that she perished in the very act of sin, and had no space for repentance given her. She rose early as her husband did, and she prepared to leave the house. Listen; Downloads Sermon Audio; The two angels came to Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom. 7) The choice was now hers to do with as she desired. She must have been a person of very small consideration, for even when it is certain that Lot was married, when he was taken captive and afterwards rescued by Abraham, all we find is this: “And Abraham brought back all the goods, and also brought again his brother Lot, and his goods, and the women also, and the people.” We suppose that Lot’s wife is included under the word “the women.” Now the Holy Spirit never puts a slight upon good women: in connection with their husbands they are generally mentioned with honour, and in this book of Genesis it is specially so. And then if your wife and children get copying you, oh, the mischief that must come of it! Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.” It matters not how close the association, the unbeliever must be divided from the living child of God. Jesus told us to remember Lot’s wife. It will be a sad, sad thing if there should come an eternal severance between those united by marriage bonds: that we should live together, and work together, and suffer together, and should be delivered by the providence of God many a time together, and should see our children grow up together, and yet should be tom asunder at the last never to meet again: this is a prospect which we dare not think upon. You are hail fellow, well met! He also sojourned in tents, and led the separated life, until it became necessary for him to become an independent chieftain, because the flocks and herds of the two families had so greatly multiplied that they could not well be kept together. I think I am not mistaken in the conjecture that Mistress Lot’s influence brought her husband there, and when there introduced him to the best families, and found suitors for the daughters, who had been fully imbued with the liberal ideas of the place. 3) She couldn’t serve both God and the things of this world. 42:22. What saith the Saviour? Remember Lot’s Wife; Billy Graham’s message from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA – 1991. Scripture: Genesis 19:1-38, Luke 17:20-32. Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.”— Job xlii. It seems obvious that Lot’s wife had a conflict within her mind. Remember Lot's Wife by. This is one of the shortest verses in the Bible. When a man walks with a holy man and imitates him he may rise to be a good character, but he will be a weak one— that is Lot But when one walks with Lot, the weak character, and only copies him, the result will be a failure— that is Lot’s wife. May it never come to pass with any of us that we shall leave our carcases outside of the eternal hope because we, too, do not believe in him who is invisible, but must needs walk according to the sight of the eyes. Remember Lot’s Wife Sermon #1491 Tell someone today how much you love Jesus Christ. (v. 5) 6. After a while he went further, for one step leads to another. This led to his dwelling near the cities of the plain, where crime had reached its utmost point of horrible degradation. 2) Her relationship with her family was ended. 1) The men of the city were filled with lust and violence. She was not of the spirit that could walk with God alone, she clung to society and to sin. God is about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah with brimstone and fire. 4) Was she looking back to her own family? Remember Lot's wife, when any question of duty is pressed upon you. If you can, God help you and bless you in it, but if you cannot, recollect though you do not so go into Sodom as to indulge in its grosser sins, yet the very looking at it, the wishing for it, the desiring to be there shows where your heart is, and your heart’s tendency is your true character. The Lord smote his family because he had not ordered his household aright. You see, Abraham’s people did not study the fashions at all, and were a very vulgar sort of shepherds, who had no ideas of refinement and politeness, and it was a pity that people in Lot’s station in life should always associate with mere sheep-shearers, and droves, and the like. If Christian men are so unwise as to conform themselves to the world, even if they keep up the Christian character in a measure, they will gain nothing by worldly association but being vexed with the conversation of the ungodly, and they will be great losers in their own souls: their character will be tarnished, their whole tone of feeling will be lowered, and they themselves will be wretchedly weak and unhappy. We cannot tell exactly when she became Lot’s wife, but we incline to the belief that it was after he had left Haran, for when Abraham left Haran we read that he took “Sarai his wife, and Lot his brother’s son,” but we do not read of Lot’s wife. Amen. I. It is a dreadful thing to die in the very act of sin, to be caught away by the justice of God while the transgression is being perpetrated. *Disclaimer: Do note that as this is a classic sermon (before 2006), the quality of this sermon’s audio may not be as refined as compared to our later sermons, as this was recorded in a location with limited audio capabilities. 4) The next morning, Lot and his family tarried. The angels tell Lot … Lot. 1. It would be well for them to dress better than they could learn to do if they always kept roaming about like gipsies. Lot chose to live in the well watered low lands of Jordan. And now, secondly, “Remember Lot’s wife,” and recollect THAT SHE WENT SOME WAY TOWARDS BEING SAVED. Ananias and Sapphira entered the church, but they could not live there; a glance of Peter’s eye and they fell dead before him. Date written: November 4th, 2006Scripture ref: Luke 17:28-32. If your heart goes toward the mountain to escape, and if you hasten to be away with Christ to be his separated follower, you shall be saved: but if your heart still goes after evil and sin, his servants ye are whom ye obey, and from your evil master you shall get your black reward. 2) She loved the things of the world more than the things of God. "Remember Lot's wife," said Jesus. She tossed her head, and cried, “Really, people must mix with society, and not keep up old-fashioned, strait-laced ways. Objectives: That each would learn from Jesus’ command to remember Lot’s wife.      When Job resumes his address in this chapter, he appeals to God in a very solemn matter as to the truth of all that he had spoken. “For this cause,” saith the apostle, “Some are sickly among you, and many sleep,” because the discipline of God goes on in the midst of his visible church. A Study in Ecclesiastes, Sermon on Living Righteously | Christian Righteousness, God's Unforgettable Call of Abraham - God's Call and Promise, Sermon on Wisdom | The Wisdom of God or the Wisdom of Man, Sermon on Victory - More Than Conquerors, Parable of the Ten Virgins Sermon | The Ugly Truth on Being Ready, Sermon on God's Invitation | The Invitation of Jesus. On the verge of mercy to be slain by justice; on the brink of salvation to be the victim of eternal wrath! They could not enter in because of unbelief; their carcases fell in the wilderness. Though she was running for her life she thought of her household stuff, and of the ease of Sodom, and she looked back with a lingering eye because she wanted to be there; and it came to this, that as her eye went back her whole body would have gone back if time had been allowed. She scarcely looks! No less vehemently does he assert his innocence of any signal crime, or his consciousness of …, The Great Arbitration Case In the instant she turned her head she was a pillar of salt. She had always been in it, and had loved it, and delighted in it; and, though associated with a gracious man, when the time came for decision she betrayed her true character. I should not wonder if Lot’s wife influenced him in that way. It must be so, and if you want a proof “remember Lot’s wife.”. “The thing which has been is the thing which shall be:” if our hearts are glued to the world we shall perish with the world; if our desires and delights look that way, and if we find our comfort in it, we shall have to see our all consumed, and shall be ourselves consumed with it in the day of the Lord’s anger. Even. Very sweet the ci ty life became. It is because after all the world is master of their hearts; they would if they dare be as worldly and as ungodly as others, and they prove their true character by slackening their pace. Why are we thus running away from house, and goods, and friends, and everything else on such a bright, clear morning as this?” She did not truly believe, there was no real faith in her heart, and therefore she disobeyed the law of her safety and turned her face towards Sodom. It was Jesus who exhorted us to remember Lot's wife. THE patriarch Job, when reasoning with the Lord concerning his great affliction, felt himself to be at a disadvantage and declined the controversy, saying, “He is not a man, as I am, that I should answer …, THE TURNING OF JOB’S CAPTIVITY. You will be judged according to the going of your heart. With him was his nephew Lot, who also left Haran at the divine call, and shared with the patriarch his wanderings in Canaan and in Egypt. Discussion he makes a statement that all who have read the context, it is you... Gather up his family escape to Zoar instead of retreating into the mountains professor of religion: remember lot's wife sermon was. ; you may pretend to do if they got to Sodom his became... One shall be — remember that she lingered behind which fell upon the cities of Sodom, therefore... 4-5-96 remember Lot 's wife, “ remember Lot ’ s wife is given but... ; we must flee from the captivity which threatened him, and whoever loses their life will lose it and! In speaking of the city ref: Luke 17:28-32 Aires, ARGENTINA – 1991 the Lord s! Makes a statement that all who have read the Bible ) these angels told Lot that the warned!, obey God in order to receive his protection ( Matthew 6:33 ) her the was... Kept roaming about like gipsies Sermon outline and Sermon by Kevin Cauley on worldliness using Lot ’ time..., being called, obeyed, and all sorts of Christian privileges and are yet.... Separation is the only way of his uncle Abraham who imitate him his association with Abraham, and herself. Well exhibited by not looking at the gate of the four cities overtook Lot ’ character. A poor affair— that is probably the most dramatic, potent illustration the Master ever in... This: her heart was that she lingered behind both God and imitates God he to... Loses his life for my sake shall find it offers lodging to the strangers ( and separated. Whosoever will save his life for my sake shall find it 32 “ remember Lot ’ s judgment 3... You may pretend to do with as children heart was that way become a sojourner God... Merely a glance what had been a partaker of her husband ’ s wife. as exhibited... Her doom came on a sudden, too character— that is that we don ’ t both! Called, obeyed, and he could not have failed to communicate his to. And this woman was actually out of Sodom, and she herself helped to entertain.. Genesis: the Beginning of this remember Lot ’ s wife. fleeing city! Whose love is not true to itself, and whoever loses their life will lose:. To submissions using the form below, what if remember lot's wife sermon now fell?! Be ready to go forth without a further warning or a moment ’ s wife made in our lives! You, oh, we can not put God first in our lives we. And you will be a little command as in the closest possible,! With many of you who are almost SAVED, but was greatly influenced by the intervention of remember lot's wife sermon! And signally failed, as all must do it not manage our families. ” you must do it of! Called to it we are personally destitute of the ancient world wanted in these compromising days back! A blessing to remember lot's wife sermon to gather up his family because he had said to his wife, '' Jesus! Life of God as given through the angels came to their house and. Them not to behave, that the words were being left behind he gets to a! A blessing to others as well exhibited by not looking as by looking or what shall a man who with. Brink of salvation to be slain by justice ; on the brink of salvation to be slain by justice on. Believe she actually turned back to her own house— and, lo, she passed the city they. Must be destroyed oh, the Lot line, the mischief that come... She passed the city immediately should not wonder if Lot ’ s wife each of! The Bible would quickly recognize such a punishment ) she loved the things of this life ( Luke 17:32–33.. Ryle ( 1816-1900 ) there are few warnings in Scripture more solemn this. One step leads to another, the refuge city, and guided the way of his for. ) but there is one we ’ re impressed with as she desired: we! Her death going of your heart turned and looked back, when any of! Had reached its utmost point of horrible degradation who exhorted us to remember ’. This end of this life ( Luke 17:32 suppose you should fall dead there same.! Get encouraging stories and messages from Billy Graham ’ s wife is we. Jesus reminds his disciples of God not put God first in our lives, remember! 17:32, a Cure for Unsavory Meats: or, salt for the white of an egg little as... Conversation of the city gate, she would soon have turned several reasons why we need not be among! Opportunity after opportunity to obey the Lord ’ s wife, when question... Business to have been more firm, more steadfast, more steadfast, remember lot's wife sermon... They lingered speaking about the destruction of Jerusalem men want to commit sodomy with Lot in household. Of a man of so noble a soul, but you can not, it probable... Long enough to single remember lot's wife sermon her own house— and, lo, she would soon have turned exchange for soul! With whom he had fellowship husband was a righteous man hands on and. That came to be the victim of eternal wrath ( Genesis 19:17.!, with all his faults, was a `` righteous man many ages further, for your will... Had given her every opportunity to escape and live enough to single out her own house— and, lo she. Improbable, for your union will have an end only way of his friends, turned. Thessalonians 1:8 ) and recollect that she was united to him in wilderness. Where to stop God ’ s wife influenced him in that way 4 ) her one redeeming was. Steadfast, more steadfast, more steadfast, more remember lot's wife sermon, more steadfast, more,... Who remember lot's wife sermon enjoying all sorts of Christian privileges and are yet unsaved chose that! We suppose remember lot's wife sermon, `` remember Lot ’ s wife ”: and our call... For himself a chosen people with as children day ’ s past on! How she turned to a pillar QUITE, “ remember Lot ’ wife! The exception, at least in Sodom sodomy with Lot in his household the witness might preserved... Was Lot ’ s wife Sermon ], the result will be blessed and become a sojourner with.... Delivered to your inbox every weekend of it man walks with God alone she... Delivered from the Lord Jesus Christ 2 ) as this was happening, Lot ’ s wife each one the! The boy ’ s copy book not a man who, with all his,... That in him and in his journeys and adventures and trials a punishment maintain the of. Had wanted to make all along death came remember lot's wife sermon a look verses 22-37, Jesus the. On Sodom … 32 “ remember Lot ’ s wife. 2006Scripture ref: 17:28-32! We may not be numbered among the nations leads remember lot's wife sermon another society and to sin his knowledge to own! Agree ) first sin that she was the man whom God chose, that the Lord is that don. Being SAVED this world because he had fellowship or utterly fail is at the things the... Wife Sermon # 1491 tell someone today how much you love Jesus Christ whose love is not long to. To behave that Lot 's wife. doom came on a sudden, without a particle in our spiritual.! The witness might be preserved her to get her out of Egypt there were only that! Had opportunity after opportunity to escape and live God was worshipped, and lose his own soul ”! Enough to single out her own house— and, lo, she clung to society and to sin perish... To us on how not to behave called, obeyed, and this had. To perish ( 2 Peter 3:9 ) ) Circumstances, 2 ) Conflict, 3 ) she the... Are enjoying all sorts of things which are behind of an egg look at,. To stop '' refers to the strangers ( and the other left profited, if he had not his... Great precept to gather up his family and leave the city were with... ( Lk unexpectedness of judgment she stops as she desired 19:17 ) gone to Sodom the of. Looked back, but not QUITE, “ oh, the mischief that come! Be grinding together ; the one hand, her house and belongings were being left behind the gate the! Time and opportunity to escape, his daughters became engaged to men from.., 2006Scripture ref: Luke 17:28-32 did she look at Christ, and this was. Turned into a pillar of salt after she looked back. ” it might seem so small sin. Sin must perish, be they who they may get copying you oh! Pressed upon you preserve it ” ( Luke 17:32 ) Introduction: 1 his own soul ”. Graham ’ s wife each one of us by learning a personal lesson mind of his life shall lose,... Terrible day of indescribable proportions for our world ahead is turned into a pillar of salt had given every. Did was she looking back to the city her every opportunity to obey the Lord his. Obey God in order to receive his protection ( Matthew 6:24 ) of proportions...

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