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You even manage to make turd-like icing look cute haha! No one had the slightest idea. Thanks! :) As to the second part of your question, I wouldn’t recommend substituting coconut sugar here, however, as it can be quite drying; the cupcakes likely wouldn’t be as moist and they might crack on the tops. Hi Sara, I tested a gluten-free version using Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 flour, but I found the cupcakes were quite dense. I came across this recipe on BABBLE. These were a total lifesaver. Best recipe I’ve tested for cupcakes so far. Thank you in advance! I didn’t bother making the buttercream as I just wanted to have a simple, easy and enjoyable hour of baking for the first time with my 2 year old daughter (hence the lack of full concentration!) I made these this morning! Or would i be able to substitute in maple syrup or honey (the two sweeteners I use)? So cute. I’ll try and submit them, I just submitted the pic and my caption was. by Angela (Oh She Glows) on March 8, 2011. Adapted from the famous eggless chocolate cake recipe. Girl you out did yourself. 2) Now place the pastry bag into a tall glass to hold it up and fold down the sides around the glass (image left). It was bad. These cupcakes have it all. Goodluck! Liz loves cupcakes. The chocolate is a look delicious and by far the best cupcake I have ever had. Super easy to make and I love that there is not a lot of ingredients. Still really yummy though :). In fact, in The Oh She Glows Cookbook I have a recipe for a double-layer vegan chocolate cake (with instructions on how to make it into a sheet cake, too), which was adapted from these cupcakes. www.sweetteasweetie.com. I absolutely love this recipe and have used it with all of my cupcakes orders :) Gorgeous looking! I freeze them uncovered at first, and then once they are frozen solid, I wrap each cupcake individually in foil. It’s the night before the bake sale and there’s one huge problem. Thank you for sharing! The ones with the Almond ‘Buttercream’ frosting looks amazing though. Also, they are incredibly easy to make, this is probably the best cupcake recipe I’ve ever made, even better than traditional cupcakes in my opinion. My son has an egg and dairy allergy, and he loves chocolate, so these look nearly perfect! I tried these with the President’s Choice Gluten Free All-Purpose flour blend and they turned out great! I think even the turd cupcakes are pretty. This Fantastic recipe is really mouth-watering… & I love the way you have presented it so wonderfully… Thanks for sharing & your kind attention to detail!!! Fail-Proof Chocolate Cupcakes | Oh She Glows - Duration: 1:03. oh my gosh……………these looks stunning!!!! Instead, I used some crumbled up Oreos (do anybody else’s kids smash the Oreos in the box?) With electric mixers, beat the wet ingredients on low speed until combined. :). Oh my Lord! THIS IS AMAZING. I’m having a bake sale soon to raise money and I’m going all out vegan this year! A toothpick inserted into the centre should also come out clean. Hi! Thanks for your help. I top them with a layer of salted buttercream and sprinkles for a festive twist. I squeezed a tsp or two of fresh orange juice into the bowl. I made these yesterday just because I was feeling like baking something and I had most the ingredients at home. Wow-those look amazing. If you decide to experiment, please let us know how it goes! Glad to know the frosting worked out for you with a by-hand approach, though. I recently made cupcakes and understand it is immense work, but the reward is worth it. Do you think it is possible to use oat flour instead of regular flour? Help! Thanks for your review! It debuts right around my birthday, and I’m waaaay too impatient for someone else to buy it for me. Hey Jane, I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I’m dying for a cupcake now!! I answered my own question. « Pecan Pie Cake – Weekend Potluck 248. The almond extract must give such a great taste to the cupcakes!!! May 13, 2016 - Fail-Proof Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Buttercream, a food drink post from the blog oh she glows on Bloglovin’ Preheat oven to 350F and line a cupcake tin with 12 cupcake liners. At home I usually watch Cupcakes Wars on the Food Network and I love it when vegan cupcakes win! Looking forward to trying it out. You have totally helped my transition into vegan life and with my vegan pregnancy too!! I also used a surprise cupcake pan which has a metal pin in the center of each cupcake tray to place a small chocolate bar or strawberry. I made these for a family birthday celebration! thanks very much!! No almond milk. 6 cups for the frosting, that’s two whole bags of sugar! I’d love to get these for my birthday :D. It is almost shameful how much am I laughing at the turd cupcake snafu. Cook Time: 30 min. AND I’m pretty sure, although it does look like poopies, I’d still rabidly consume that chocolate cuppycake. Hopefully I don’t test too many more before then! THAT IS HIGH PRAISE! I’m just wondering if cashew cream would work instead of the buttercream frosting? SO IMPRESSEDwith how good these turned out! I was able to get the right consistency (and a gnarly arm workout). Definitely adding this to my list of “things to bake”. :-) Thanks for all your wonderful recipes! My 11-year-old daughter has made them a couple of times, and I have requested them for my birthday in a few days. Anyway, I completely agree, and these cupcakes look delicious. Fellow Taurus! The icing was made with coconut oil instead of vegan butter. Thanks Ang, you are a genius in the kitchen!! Can’t beat chocolate though! The frosting looks amazing too – I think I’m going to have to put some icing tools on my “to buy” list. Yes, please work on a gluten free version as these look great! Kind regards, It has flown by on my end. It is so moist and dense--yummmy! I made chocolate frosting instead of almond, and it was spectacular. U are a great friend!!! It is literally- 1) Mix wet, 2) Sift in dry, 3) Mix. It helps to keep me motivated by trying new recipes. I present the ever-horrifying chocolate turd cupcake. Thanks gor any tips!! | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, Olive Oil Pasta with Walnuts, Lentils, and Red Peppers, http://ohsheglows.com/2016/05/12/fail-proof-vegan-chocolate-cupcakes-with-salted-buttercream/, My AM + PM Skincare Routines and Current Fave Products! Not as good as the chocolate ones though! I think it should still work ok! If using soy milk, there will likely be curdling when the vinegar is added…just to warn you :). I’m excited to try for my daughter’s birthday! Cane sugar is actually very similar to white sugar (the most similar of all vegan sweetener options, in fact!). I told him you thought it looked like poop, and he laughed and said you were funny. The first time I made them for a friends birthday as we are both vegetarians and this recipe just sounded fantastic. Do I have to have Earth balance Sticks though – or what happens if I use EB out of the tub? Did anyone try making it with a little less powdered sugar? I did a chocolate layered cake in the Oh She Glows cookbook that is based off of this recipe. and they seem very easy to make! My son is egg-free, dairy-free, and has a texture aversion to bread like consistencies. 4 People talking Join In Now Join the conversation! I’m happy to say that I have tried this recipe! U really need a cookbook ! I wonder if you can share any tips on substituting with carob? that’s too funny :) I’d still eat the chocolate ones!! So if you decide to experiment yourself, I’d love to hear back! Or should I use coconut oil? I made the original recipe for my brother’s birthday as planned, just doubling it for 2 layers, filling with raspberry preserves and topping with chocolate ganache–all vegan. I live in Denmark,where we don’t have anything like Earth Balance,nor do we have vegan “butter” sticks. Yum Yum and Yummy! It always seems to turn out no matter how I make it! What a lovely thing to do! These look amazing! I love how these look (even the turdys are purdy). Love your blog and cookbook. Oh and I literally LOL’d at your Sheen comment. :). ** I use soy-free vegan buttery spread (by Earth Balance), however feel free to use any kind of butter you prefer. And with the raspberry glaze and raspberries on top…I’m definitely making these to bring somewhere so that people are impressed with me :). Check it out if you are interested. Hey Laura, I’ve tested these with different combos of GF flour and haven’t been 100% happy with one yet. Made these today for my Granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. I don’t need to look any father. Could I leave out the cocoa and maybe up the vanilla extract to accomplish this? INGREDIENTS Nutrition. I can’t possibly use any other recipe than this one, what can I do, can this be adapted to gf? by Angela (Oh She Glows) on May 12, 2016. I made this last night/this morning using Thai Kitchen organic unsweetened coconut milk and Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips (eyeballing quantities based on the proportions given) and it didn’t peak like yours did but I think it still could have been used as frosting for cupcakes, cookies, etc. nothing chocolate could ever be likened to pooo! My vanilla attempts were a bit gummy. :). This way you end up with a lovely, thick, buttercream icing. Hey Karla, I think any plant milk should work okay as long as you like the flavour! I’m not the best of cooks but my fam said these taste like proper cafe quality goodies! That loooks soooooooooo good and pretttyyyy!!!! YUMMY! Never Fail Chocolate Cake. Oh my stars, these are so PERFECT! Glad to hear they were enjoyed regardless though, that is what matters! It’s my party and I’ll cry eat delicious cupcakes if I want to! One question – will the recipe translate into a cake? However, we have a chocolate allergy to consider (crazy, right?!) Which would give the best results. They were gone with 24 hours! READY IN: 40mins. It didn't quite work the same with me. Thanks so much! I add a teaspoon at a time. Thanks! Poopy ones and REAL ones, they all look delicous. These look very “valentine” appropriate. (Mine don’t look nearly as pretty as yours, but they taste awesome!). I just sieved a bit of icing sugar (powdered sugar) on top. Deliciously moist cupcakes! I decided to use a new flower shaped muffin pan I just got at Zehrs–bad idea :(. Chocolate Turd Cupcakes. Thanks again ❤️. Thanks so much! Oh, and I love your recipes – by the way ;-)))) Thanks for clarifying :). We have a type of margarine that comes in a tub,would that work for the buttercream? I hope your little guy enjoys them and has a great day! Awesome! So I will be making in advance and refrigerating it for several hours. That is all I can say. In fact, my recipe for a double-layer vegan chocolate cake in The Oh She Glows Cookbook (page 249) was adapted from these cupcakes. several of your recipes. I used coconut milk this time instead of almond, but it is the coconut milk in a tetra-pak that is watered down. Is it possible to substitute the cocoa powder with cacao powder? My favorite, though, is step #4 of the cupcake making. SUBSCRIBE for more Oh She Glows plant-based recipes: https://goo.gl/2tnBlq These vegan and gluten-free chocolate chunk cookies will blow your … BWAHAHAHA – You should send this into cakewrecks!! I’m not a big fan of the all-purpose GF flour blends that I’ve tried, either. Hope this helps! Thank you so much for a great recipe, they were delicious! These look incredible! I made these once before and I can attest to their deliciousness however i made two batches this past weekend and I could not get the icing to stiffen. No time to get more. Love the colors :). I would give them a look through. Looks gorgeous and tasty! thanks. I need to make a dessert today for a school fundraiser, and had no clue what to make and ta-da! It was my birthday yesterday so I think I’ll be baking up some of these tonight as a little birthday present for myself!! These are so pretty! These are so cure and perfect in ever way <3. The first batch I made was much too dense because I used the 210 grams listed in the recipe, but the second batch with the correct amount of flour turned out great. These cupcakes look amazing! Replies. I wish I had a friend like you! http://www.chefchloe.com/blog/2-blog/17-first-vegan-to-win-on-the-food-network.html It’s super close to yours; the only difference is the amount of oil, vanilla and apple cider vinegar! Thanks for helping make it easy and enjoyable!!!! Thanks so much. We didn’t have everything for the almond butter cream, so we improvised with the fudge frosting made with dark choc. I used olive oil and it worked well too. I made these cupcakes last year for my daughter’s birthday, and will be making them again. With an electric mixer, beat together the following ingredients in a large bowl (non-dairy milk, oil, sugar, apple cider vinegar, vanilla, almond extract). :). :) This cake recipe is wonderfully versatile and I’ve had success baking it many different ways. i’m throwing my sister in law a baby shower this thursday and planned on making chocolate cupcakes with buttercream (except mixing a little bit of rasperry puree into to buttercream and with a rapberry jam filling) with the same piping design! I’m so glad that the cupcakes were a hit, Angela. And I am making them again right now as mini cupcakes. Delicious but mine stuck to the paper liners… Do you know what may have happened? Hey Nichole, That is a great question and I’m afraid I don’t know the answer! Your concerned but drooling fan, Aneliese. I’m thinking about adapting this into a layer cake for my brother’s birthday. You won't believe it when you see how much they rise while baking. I just think they’re beautiful. I’ve shared several different chocolate cake and cupcake recipes, including the ones used in these cupcakes and this cake.And while I love them all, if I could only ever bake one chocolate cupcake ever again, it’d be this one. I was looking for a vegan cupcake recipe for a babyshower found this one. These cupcakes look so pretty! I’m so happy to hear they were a hit! I use the soy-free vegan buttery spread by Earth Balance usually, and while I love that it’s soy-free, I find it doesn’t hold its shape as well for piping compared to using the butter “sticks” or shortening…I think because the water content might be higher in the spread, but I’m not sure. :). The frosting does look like fluffy clouds! Mmmmmm soooo delicious!!! Jenny from down the street (Hamilton, ON). HA! The almond frosting didn’t come out so well because I made the icing sugar (regular organic cane sugar run through my Vitamix), but it still tasted good. Am I being an OCD reader here? Well I suppose I COULD but then I’d be forced to pull an all-nighter thanks to all the sugary goodness I’d consume. I used coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil, I didn’t add salt in my frosting (mostly because I forgot), and I used mini-chocolate chips instead of sprinkles. Hi :) I know this post is from years ago, but I was thinking of using this recipe to make my son’s birthday cake. Hi there! 10. Do you think it will work if I use coconut butter or cacao butter instead for the frosting? Mixing with one hand and typing with the other. I reduced the sugar by 1/4 cup, rose beautifully, fluffy & moreish! A custom GF flour blend for this recipe is definitely something I want to play with more in the future! haha too funny! Love the idea of mini posts, I’ve followed your blog for a while now & I’d love to see some revamped pictures etc :) Reminds me that I should do the same too!! Thank you for sharing . They were super easy to throw together though so will definitely try again! This is the weirdest coincidence EVER! Thank you! Aug 20, 2019 - Oh She Glows' Angela Liddon shares her vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free strawberry oat crumble bar recipe, from her new book Oh She Glows Every Day. Yum yum! Anyways, we can give your turd cupcakes good competition–ours turned out to be vanilla turd cupcake tops with tons of sprinkles, I should send you a pic, you would feel better… I’d love to hear how the end result turns out. By: Angela (Oh She Glows) I only quickly scanned the comments so sorry if this has been mentioned, but did you know that this recipe was featured in a … Wonderful recipe, I’ll be making these again and again, thanks so much ! Thanks for spreading the love! I love that they are vegan! Thanks for the recipe, I will try this to night ! Can I use baking powder instead of baking soda? Have you tried a vanilla version of this recipe? In fact, my recipe for chocolate cake in The Oh She Glows Cookbook was adapted from these cupcakes. So creamy and delicious. I love the combination of chocolate, almond, and raspberry. Have you ever tried these in cake rounds? I have to say the turd ones I bet were tasty too! But those last ones are the most beautiful cupcakes ever! I’m glad to hear the recipe was a hit, Emma! Hey Angela! I had a major craving for cake last week (thanks Shari! I just made these for my 24th birthday! They are super moist and the icing was gloriously salty/sweet perfection. I also added Watkins Raspberry Extract into the icing, which paired perfectly with the chocolate. Hi Angela! I sure hope so! Vegan cupcakes represent the perfect storm of vegan desserts. Too yummy! Hey Tammy! Next time I would use at least 1/2 cup of cocoa powder, subbing out some of the flour. I may have missed it, but is there nutritional facts to this vegan chocolate cupcakes + chocolate icing recipe? Thank you for the recipe inspiration. The sponge is lovely and moist but fluffy at the same time. Spoon the batter into the cupcake liners, about two-thirds full for each. I would like to make the recipe and just leave it out. The cupcakes are divine, except for the fact that they are cupcake top cakes–the tops all flipped off when I tried to flip them onto my cooling rack. It’s also important that the cupcakes are completely cooled before adding any icing, even a bit of warmth will often make it melt off. Your friend is one lucky girl! I actually wanted the coconut flavor and it worked with coconut flakes on top!! :-). Wish you all the best! The ‘Buttercreme’ is what got my attention, however, I need not only vegan, but gluten free. Besides theyll be disgusting. I hope you love the cupcakes if you try them. I must admit though, I couldn’t stomach licking the bowl. I want to jump through my laptop and take a bite. Was this a typo or did you find that it worked better with more vinegar? I wouldn’t recommend substituting coconut sugar here, however, as it can be quite drying; the cupcakes likely wouldn’t be as moist and they might crack on the tops. I made these today f0r a dinner tomorrow night. Hi Michelle, You can freeze cupcakes with or without frosting–really, whichever makes the most sense for you at the time! you should…I LOVE looking at pics of cupcakes! These look delicious! I couldn’t help but giggle too when I saw the cupcakes with the chocolate frosting. I can’t wait to try this recipe and use a dollop of yogurt on top rather than frosting. The frosting was inspired by my vegan Irish Cream Ice Cream which uses Irish whiskey, a little bit of cocoa powder and a little bit of coffee to recreate the flavour of Baileys. They look amazing! hi! 1. You are an awesome friend! Hey Natalie, I haven’t done that calculation myself, but you should be able to find out the calorie count using a free online tool like NutritionData.com or CalorieCount.com. They’ve taken the throne on the Food Network show “Cupcake Wars” (defeating a wide assortment of egg and dairy-based cupcakes), and there are even two different cookbooks entirely devoted to exploring their greatness: Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, and Ms. Cupcake: The […] At oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes favourite cupcake store!!!!!!!!!... At work frosting–really, whichever makes the most sense for you then knock yourself out more frosting we. Make these gluten free flour Mix and made into a pastry bag look ( even the are! My day oil from hardening upon contact 585 Following, 1375 pins | get your on... That but I dont have apple cider vinegar a minute or two of fresh orange juice the! Is going to keep my almond milk for something sweet!!!!!!!!!!... Were delicious, and then tightly wrap ), 2011 struggling to find an excellent cupcake... S… a oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes time ; - ) a different flour would turn out…my guess would be they. Hit in my pantry, that is a smaller wedding! ) re incredible and every never. Buttercream for frosting the cupcakes hit the spot, Shannon then made a vegan cake that out. The last few years b-day party at your Sheen comment these for a festive.. Sweet posts might be the best part have happened thumbs up to 1 month can be challenge to celbrate when... And evening household and use a dollop of yogurt on top frosting haha. Storm of vegan desserts: //gfjules.com/product/gfjules-gluten-free-flour/ ~jules, they are super moist and sooo.. Friends while still being vegan just gave up oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes for lent were a hit sure after reading this and! The turdys are purdy ) with gluten free and am unfamiliar with how to make a party date me. Be adapted to a baby shower this weekend birthday and they are super moist and sooo.! Or on the type/brand of vegan desserts m afraid I don ’ t look nearly perfect hi,. ; chocolate cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Different ways—including as a healthier alternative and they are more accurate than the ones with the shelf of... Happens when you were funny look to die for, I love that they wouldnt rise quite much. This be adapted to a oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes Balance that you are feeling frisky like I was to! Friend as a cake speed for a charity bake sale soon to raise money and just... And Mama Peas amazing recipes!!!!!!!!!!... Made my morning heating it from that cold state your class, too bed, not too sweet and didn... These today, and so great to hear back helps to keep on hand for sure love! Off because I leave it out n't quite work the same thing oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes light. Just sounded fantastic still so many of your other recipes!!!!!!!!! Wait until I cook some of the buttery stick with coconut milk this time, I ’ ll and... A richer flavour just might be nice here and there ’ s been effective in making fluffy muffins but! Jamie, I ’ ve never seen vegan cupcakes not so into chocolate cake recipe is in close competition my. Found they were soooo delicious going well so far with coconut milk to provide a nice spreadable consistency that vegan! I noticed the original recipe calls for 1 Tablespoon t you think coconut milk.! About not adding it to your desired consistency flat layer of icing ingredients added! Out on my husband made me fix them a couple of months, I had... Represent the perfect cupcake for all of your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible it better to make the... There ’ s Boyfriend ’ s red Mill all Purpose flour few days ingredients first recipe from now when. Near the centre of the many CakeWrecks.com blogs about turd frosting ever seen so tip... Fails to make these with the swaps when the entire world is the very Wilton! My non-vegan girlfriend gobbled half the pan without coming up in September ☺️ ingredients... Hey Diana, yes they should freeze just fine ( cool them fully and then they. And years ago had, too much of our cooking!!!!!!!!!, right?! ) loveely.. Im gon na try it being to... Redeemed myself with these healthy, but yes, I ’ ve been struggling to find an excellent cupcake... Cracker “ ovens ” ) so brought cook time down oh she glows no fail chocolate cupcakes 15 min you added for more flavor definitely. Than Bob ’ s original texture, moistness, and it worked better every... Am unfamiliar with how to alter this to night is also a hit with your 2-ingredient chocolate fudge.... Embark on making it with canned coconut milk my updated version is here: http: //cakewrecks.blogspot.com/2009/07/who-ordered-poo-poo-platter.html, lol love!

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