does gaius die in merlin

The use of this particular magical mutilation on a Camelot knight can only mean one thing, Morgana has declared war. When Merlin finds food, he doesn't need to be asked twice to take it; Arthur on the other hand is puzzled why somebody would just leave dead rabbits lying around ... and they both trigger a trap. Gaius rarely was so soft spoken, unless he was being diplomatic. Fortunately, Merlin and Gawain were able to follow him and remove the bracelet, Merlin subsequently coming face-to-face with the Fisher King when he was trapped in the King's throne room after a door closed behind him. He injured Arthur with a blade hidden inside Myror's lance but Arthur returned to the field so as not to forfeit the tournament. In the fourth season's two-part finale, "The Sword in the Stone", Elyan was captured, along with Gaius and Gawain, when Morgana again took over Camelot. After Merlin saved Arthur's life from an assassin in the pilot episode, "The Dragon's Call", Merlin was made his manservant. The troll attempted to pull Uther away, but was unable to prevent the enchantment from being broken. Throughout the season, Merlin distrusts Agravaine, Arthur's uncle, who is in league with Morgana. As Agravaine and his men have found them at Ealdor, Isolde runs and hides in the woods along with Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur and Tristan. In the second-season premiere, "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan", Cedric sought to gain access to Arthur's personal rooms in order to steal the keys to an underground burial chamber where a great treasure had been discovered. She then gave Morgana a phoenix bracelet to give to Arthur, which would drain Arthur's life and prevent him from ever returning to Camelot. A disfigured knight is carried into Gaius' chambers. He was a sorcerer that had worked to bring justice upon the ones defying The Triple Goddess. You make me so happy. Gaius is very proud of Merlin but also frequently scolds him about his recklessness with using magic, though ultimately things usually work out for the best. To Merlin, Kilgharrah says that "in Albion's (United Kingdom) greatest need Arthur will rise again to fulfill his destiny", then Kilgharrah flies off and is not seen again. However, Myror deduced that Arthur had returned to Camelot, and soon tracked him to Gwen's house, where Arthur was staying. Like the mission where Arthur intended to sacrifice himself for Camelot, and where they were chasing after Julius Borden and his key to the Dragon egg. He was the only son of Uther Pendragon and Ygraine, and the half-brother of Morgana Pendragon. In seducing Morgana to join her, she helped to create Camelot's most implacable enemy. In the fourth season, Elyan continued to serve as a knight of Camelot, and seemed to have developed an especially close friendship with Percival. Merlin later saves Gaius and himself from Aredian's charges, by making the Witchfinder appear a fraud: he dies attempting to escape an accusation of sorcery himself- and having taken Morgana hostage, he immediately loses Uther's favour and trust. Following the battle, Percival accompanied Gwen and the other Knights of the Round Table back to Camelot, the group now dressed in the cloaks and armour of true Knights of Camelot. He tricked the Goblin into saying he would be glad to see Merlin hang, and silently threatened to either kill or turn him in. Merlin however decided to save Uther. The series ends with Merlin returning Excalibur to the lake, which is then shown in modern times, safeguarded by an immortal Merlin, waiting for Arthur to return to Albion. When Merlin confronted Gilli about his attempt to kill Uther, even though he had been about to win the tournament, Gilli acknowledged that he had been wrong. Unfortunately Agravaine found them so Arthur could no longer remain in Ealdor. He used fairly strong magic when the goblin took over his body, though this was probably the goblins magic not his own (Goblin's Gold). Despite the manticore's plan to poison the king succeeding, Merlin and Gaius were able to cure Uther by killing the manticore. Gaius warns his ward that the old ways are powerful where the Disir hold court so he should tread with care. When Gwen becomes the main ruler of Camelot after Arthur's death, Gaius becomes her mentor, as Merlin was gone to wait by Avalon for the rise of Arthur. Behind the Scenes Merlin counters that the young druid has beguiled them all but he knows better. Kilgharrah cared little for Gaius, stating to Merlin that he has no place in his destiny and the "old man’s" time is over anyway, when Gaius went to the Isle of the Blessed to sacrifice himself for Merlin and Hunith. Though many people of the court encouraged Arthur to put her to death, Arthur instead banished Gwen from Camelot and confided to Merlin that although he still loved her, he could never trust her again. Merlin and the others find a village which was slaughtered on the outskirts of Queen Annis's kingdom. Merlin grumbled about waking up, and Gaius had brushed a hand over Merlin’s head, “My boy.” Merlin’s eyes opened at that. The young warlock is also distrustful of Hilda there something off about the old woman. However, Gaius attempted to make a deal with Aredian to prevent Merlin and Morgana from being executed along with him. Sir Gwaine (portrayed by Eoin Macken), was the son of a knight who died in the service of his king either before Gwaine was born or when Gwaine was very young. Balinor (portrayed by John Lynch) was the last known Dragonlord. He ran with them, carrying a sword. Though Arthur was unhappy at treating Gaius in this way, he sensed that Gaius was hiding something. In "A Remedy to Cure All Ills", it was revealed that his parents were killed during the Great Purge. In the episode, "The Labyrinth of Gedref", after Arthur killed a unicorn while hunting, Anhora informed him that he had unleashed a curse upon Camelot that could not be lifted unless Arthur made amends. In the first series episode "Lancelot", he travelled to Camelot in the hope of becoming a knight of Camelot. The druids believe that Arthur has inherited his father's hatred of magic so they feel they must fight him. Furthermore, Edwin threatened to tell Uther about Merlin practising magic if Gaius told Uther about his own use of magic. Merlin then uses his magic in combination with a sword of Medhir to break the chains holding him beneath Camelot. She was also grief-stricken after Morgana attacked and nearly killed Merlin who had discovered Morgana's identity. Gaius nobly decides to offer his life of her behalf. Morgana is enraged by Mordred's death and vows to get revenge. He rides to Camlann, the site of the battle between Camelot and the Saxons, and under the disguise of Dragoon the Great uses magic never before seen to aid Camelot's victory. On the night of her death, Gaius saw the Questing Beast, a magical creature of the Old Religion and an omen of misfortune. Tom made the sword which became Excalibur when the Great Dragon gave it magical powers for Arthur's use. They arrived just in time to save Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, and several of their friends from an attack led by Morgause and several immortal soldiers. What rights, responsibilities and privileges does he gain from this compared to what he was before? Ygraine Pendragon (portrayed by Alice Patten) was the wife of Uther Pendragon and mother of Arthur. In "The Once and Future Queen", Arthur spent a few days living with Gwen while he entered a jousting tournament under an assumed name. As such, he finds George very irritating. Gwen accepted this, but also realises that she cannot be Arthur's queen. When they got to the place where Merlin thought Agravaine had been going, they decided to split up. Agravaine was therefore forced to help Gwaine to bring Gaius back to Camelot. Unaware that the glowing jewel set into Sigan's sarcophagus contained the sorcerer's soul, the conman Cedric attempted to steal the jewel but was possessed by Sigan's spirit instead. Unfortunately, Uther was not aware that by using magic to create a life, another life had to be taken in order to protect the natural balance of the world. However, it is assumed that he loved his wife, and she proved to love him back, with the grief for her husband's death fuelling her vengeance on Arthur over his death. Gaius Gracchus was born into a family who had a strong tradition in the politics of ancient Rome. Hopelessly outnumbered, Merlin calls the Dragon who attacks Agravaine and his soldiers. Percival arrived too late to save him, having broken free of his bindings after hearing Gwaine's screams. The young king ends up very disappointed by the reunion; Uther disagrees with almost all of the changes Arthur has made, including the knighting of common-born men, the very idea of the Round Table and crowning Guinevere queen. It is also shown that Mordred's magic is powerful enough to kill four or five armed soldiers with a single spell. Agravaine smuggles Arthur's sword to Morgana who uses her magic to enchant the sword to bear the weight of a thousand ages. Subsequently, Uther released Bayard and his court, and they returned to Mercia. However Agravaine told Morgana of Arthur’s plans and she made him put a necklace she enchanted around Uther’s neck and repel healing magic. He hunted Arthur in the tunnels, but was baited into chasing Merlin towards a dead end. She accepted, but their engagement was destroyed when Morgana revived an amnesiac Lancelot, bound him to her service, and ordered him to seduce Gwen with the help of an enchanted bracelet. Called out on his rude and inconsiderate behavior by Gwen, Arthur slowly began to develop feelings for her, and they even shared their first kiss on the last day of the tournament. He survives the battle, and is subsequently seen with the others dressed as a true knight of Camelot. Biographical Information Her great beauty and good humor attracted Arthur and the two seemed to get along well, taking a morning picnic together and even sharing in a love of hunting. Isolde fights with a bandit behind her and it results in a slash in her arm. Morgause's immortal army, created using the Cup of Life, support Morgana’s tyrannical reign. Morgana and Mordred reunite; during a dinner, Morgana flies into a rage when Mordred reveals they had Arthur in their grasp. Arthur didn't forgive Gwen fully but when he saw Isolde die he didn't want to lose her therefore Arthur openly forgives Gwen and this time he says, 'Will you marry me? Just as he remained unaware of Morgana's true loyalties in the third season, Arthur remained unaware of Agravaine's allegiance to Morgana until the end of the season. After returning to Camelot, Arthur gathered together a group of knights to make a final assault in the hope of defeating the dragon, even over Uther's protests. Before setting the pyre off, however, Merlin used his magic to cleanse Lancelot's soul but in doing so managed to briefly resurrect him. Recently, Gaius was captured by Alator, a powerful warrior and sorcerer. Initially terrified, Morgana gathers her courage and attempts to kill Emrys. In "The Dark Tower" of season five, Guinevere is brainwashed by Morgana through mental torture—letting her see visions of people she cared about laughing maniacally at her and telling her she can trust no one but Morgana herself. He enlisted the help of Gwen's father, Tom, to perform alchemy with the use of a magical stone but escaped when Tom was caught by the royal guards. Uther remains unaware of Merlin's hand in protecting the kingdom, often from enemies seeking revenge for his cruelty, not least Nimueh and the Great Dragon. He put some chamomile in it to help Merlin sleep. He eventually acquired the friendship and companionship of Percival. And after Arthur died, Merlin didn’t even get to walk away. Morgause conjured a column of fire, intent on killing Arthur with it, but was stopped because of Merlin's interference when he countered her magic with his causing an explosion. Thing is Merlin should have listened to The Dragon. Unknown to others, he was cheating by using a magical shield (acquired from a sorcerer named Devlin, that he then killed) covered with painted snakes, which came to life at Valiant's command. As Uther lay dying, Arthur frantically sought out a sorcerer who might be able to heal his father's wounds, unknowing that the sorcerer was actually Merlin in the same disguise he wore in the third-season episode, "Queen of Hearts". In retaliation, Gaius partially turned Arthur into a donkey, giving him donkey ears and a donkey voice. The three men were eventually released by Percival and Leon when Arthur and his forces reclaimed Camelot. Gwaine is reunited with Merlin and Arthur when they are captured by a slave-trader, Gwaine and Arthur staging a fight to give themselves a chance to escape (Although it was only due to Merlin's efforts that they escaped the tower anyway, Merlin using a spell to enhance a nearby torch so that it started a fire). Mordred finally turns against Camelot when the girl he loves is executed for trying to kill Arthur. Apart from Merlin at times, Gwen seems to be one of the few people who Arthur respects the opinion of. But then they were attacked by some Saxons. Later, it became clear to Merlin that they needed to get Arthur to safety. Gilli recognised that his father had disdained magic not out of fear of his power, but out of fear of its ability to corrupt. Mordred's trademarks are his icy blue glare and green cloak. He also holds a central position in great ceremonies of state, having presided over handfastings for both Uther and Arthur (the latter not having been completed), and the crowning of Morgana as Queen of Camelot as well as Arthur's own coronation as King. Nimueh later used necromancy to bring him back as an undead wraith, harnessing the power of De Bois's suffering while he was alive. He is also strong willed and was able to resist Alator’s mental torture for quite a long time, but eventually the more powerful sorcerer overpowered him (The Secret Sharer). Mordred is telepathic and calls Merlin "Emrys" [the Welsh form of Ambrose or Ambrosius, meaning "Immortal"], claiming he knows who Merlin is and that they are "the same". ... with Leon standing by her side and Percival and Gaius in the crowd. Gaius later told Arthur that he loved him and Arthur thought of Gaius as a member of his own family having known him ever since he was born (The Secret Sharer). On the day of the treaty signing, Sarrum positions an assassin to kill Arthur. He did not discover her true allegiances, or the fact that she was actually his half-sister, until the penultimate episode, "The Coming of Arthur, Part One". When the mysterious hunter Julius Borden returned to Camelot to search for a dragon's egg, the Dragon warns Merlin to save it before Borden does any harm. Although Gwaine faced execution when he fought with a thug who was posing as Sir Oswald to kill Arthur, Arthur's willingness to vouch for Gwaine's nobility of heart convinced Uther to lift the threat of execution to simple banishment, Gwaine admitting to Merlin before his departure that Arthur wasn't like other nobles, and commented to Gwen that he understood why she had turned him down after he heard her talking about Arthur. Gwen did so, but with Arthur's cooperation so that they might attempt to rescue her brother. Merlin prevented them both from finishing the sacrifice and killing Arthur, using Sophia's discarded magical staff to kill both Aulfric and his daughter. When Arthur and his group were reunited with Gwen and Leon and rescued by Lancelot and his friend, Percival, they retreated to a castle once owned by the old kings of Camelot. As Merlin looks on hopefully, the Great Dragon flew in an obvious rage, subsequently attacking Camelot at night for the next three days in revenge. While working against the kingdom from the outside, Morgause sent her half-sister to serve as a spy and occasional assassin within the royal household itself. Merlin's mother trusts Gaius, sending her young son to stay with him. But there was something about Gwaine which was different. The pair disappear almost at once, but more chaos is wrought when Merlin releases the Great Dragon, who immediately seeks revenge on Camelot. She hires Alator of the Catha and orders him to kidnap Gaius who is forced to tell Alator that Merlin is Emrys. It has never been revealed which parent the two women shared, but it is believed that they had the same mother, Vivienne. But, Vivian did not love Arthur and was described as the only woman in the kingdom not to love him. Merlin saved him and Mary Collins died from her injuries. Merlin sends Arthur to Avalon after the Dragon states that Arthur will rise again when Albion's need is greatest. Throughout the fourth season, Agravaine influenced Arthur heavily in matters of state, even encouraging the young king to go against his own instincts and wishes, such as killing the king of another kingdom who had been raiding inside Camelot's borders and distancing himself from Gwen in the episode, "His Father's Son". In the second-season finale, "The Last Dragonlord", Gaius revealed to Merlin that Balinor was also the warlock's father. Gaius is optimistic but Merlin remains grim and believes that Albion's great trial has begun. Gwaine then demanded that Morgana give them food, particularly for the aged and ailing Gaius. Several years before, he fought in the Battle of Denaria and survived which implies that he was skilled in battle. When Merlin and the others failed to return within a reasonable time period, Gaius accompanied Agravaine and Arthur to Longstead to investigate. Lancelot was subsequently captured and sentenced to be eaten by the wildren Hengist kept. Although his actions did indeed prevent Arthur reaching the Lake of Avalon in time, peace was brought about when Merlin killed Morgana. Helios abducts an exiled Gwen, and unbeknownst of her connections with Arthur and Camelot, keeps her as his own. Guinevere and Gaius are shocked to learn that her husband's party was ambushed she concludes that once again there is a traitor in Camelot. Gwaine also came with Arthur to search for Merlin after he'd been ordered by Morgana to kill Arthur. Although the Dragon returned when Merlin asked him how to cure Morgana after she sustained a fatal head injury, he made it clear that he disapproved of Merlin's decision, informing Merlin that this 'abuse' of his power would not be without consequences and all the evil Morgana did in the future would be his own fault. Manipulated by Agravaine, Arthur eventually discovered Lancelot and Gwen in a passionate embrace. The Goblin then revealed Merlin’s magic to the court, forging evidence with a magic book from a hidden section of the library. When Merlin was found by Arthur and Gwaine, Gaius was relieved by his return, unaware that he had previously been kept hostage by Morgana and was now brainwashed into trying to kill Arthur. Starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James, and Katie McGrath, the show was loosely based on several Arthurian legends that followed the perspective of the legendary sorcerer, Merlin.Merlin dedicates his life to the future king of Camelot, protecting Arthur from magical foe.. RELATED: The 10 Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies Of All Time (According To Rotten Tomatoes) With her greatest threat left powerless, Morgana and Mordred begin their invasion of Camelot by attacking a nearby garrison. Later, in "The Dark Tower", Elyan was killed by an enchanted sword while saving Gwen from Morgana. Merlin is later saved by his mentor when the Gean Canach attacks him and strips him of his magic. Note: All characters are listed in alphabetical order by their first name. He did not like the return of Julius Borden as he knew his plan about stealing the dragon's egg. He is somewhat shocked when the girl is sentenced to death after admitting her guilt. After Isolde catches Arthur and Merlin watching their camp, Tristan allows them to travel with the smugglers for the time being. In the third series finale, The Coming of Arthur, Part Two, the two men traveled to Camelot when Lancelot received a message from Merlin, requesting aid following Morgana and Morgause's takeover of the kingdom with an army of immortal soldiers. In the fifth series when Mordred becomes a Knight after rescuing Arthur from Morgana, Merlin remains suspicious of him, fearing a prophecy in which the Druid kills the king. Also, despite his politeness and decorum, George is very prideful and this leads him to be rather sensitive to any criticism (positive or negative) over his work, which is evident by the way he appeared to be hurt when Arthur refused his assistance, or the conceited glare he gives to Merlin when Arthur praised his capabilities. Shortly thereafter, Arthur truly forgave Gwen for what had happened in "Lancelot du Lac" before finally marrying her and crowning her Queen of Camelot. At the end of Series 3, he is imprisoned by Morgana and tortured, but is eventually rescued by Arthur and his knights with Merlin. Gaius tried to persuade Uther not to have Alice executed, protesting that she had not been able to control herself because of the Manticore. at the time the series presumably takes place), when the Western Roman Empire had already fallen, Richard Wilson confirms that Gaius is Hunith's elder brother in the Merlin documentary Magic and Secrets, Gaius is aged around 72 in Series 3 as he stated in '. King Arthur therefore must persuade her in. Uther Pendragon (portrayed by Anthony Head) was the king of Camelot. He was seen saving as many lives as he could during the Great Dragons assault on Camelot and later comforted Merlin about Balinor’s death telling Merlin, "you've still got me. Merlin is understandably drawn in by Borden's news, and promises to help him. Upon the death of Arthur, Gaius meets with an injured Arthur and Merlin in the woods where he is horrified to learn that Merlin has revealed his powers to Arthur. Grettir is a mysterious dwarf Warlock who has many unknown powers. The manticore, however, had instead gained control of her and wished to use her relationship with Gaius to kill Uther. Lancelot's life after leaving Camelot was not an easy one, and he was forced to sell his sword skills for the entertainment of others. Taught me who I am. She does not return to Camelot in this episode, but she over hears Morgana's plans to kill Arthur. Queen Annis (portrayed by Lindsay Duncan) is the widow of King Caerleon. Later in their chambers Gaius and Merin discuss recent events and whether Mordred has truly turned over a new leaf. In the fourth series episode "Lancelot du Lac", Morgana revived him for the purpose of preventing the approaching marriage between Arthur and Guinevere. As a result, when the disguised Merlin tried to heal Uther, the magic was reversed and ended up killing him. On the journey, Merlin confided in Lancelot about his plan to take Arthur's place as the sacrifice to restore the veil. When Arthur and Merlin infiltrate the fortress in hopes of freeing their men, Morgana attacks them, and almost kills Arthur. This would prove difficult since according to the knight's code of Camelot, only noblemen could become knights. Because of this confession, Uther reluctantly sentenced Gaius to death. When he dies Gwen becomes ruler of Camelot. Gaius quickly identifies the foul creature and correctly surmises that Morgana finally knows Merlin is Emrys and wanted to get get rid of the competition once and for all. Gwen is a very good friend of Gaius's having known him since she was very young. When faced with the choice of either ending the attack or losing Morgana, Morgause ultimately chose to save her half-sister's life over destroying Uther. When traveling to rescue him, Gwen described her brother to Arthur, calling him "one of those people who never settled down, never thinks about the future; just follows his heart wherever it leads him," and that he had a tendency to "always be in the wrong place at the wrong time." King Caerleon (portrayed by Steven Hartley) led mercenaries around Camelot to conquer land. Gaius thinks it's merely the result of Gwen's grief over losing her only family and the trauma of being tortured by Morgana. Arthur and Merlin were then forced to watch as Morgause stripped Uther of his crown and throne and as Morgana declared herself Uther's daughter and Queen of Camelot. With John Hurt, Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Jane Thorne. What does that mean? The Fisher King (portrayed by Donald Sumpter) was the king of a nearby land that had been devastated by a plague. Trying to protect Merlin, Gaius claimed ownership of the bracelet, which resulted in Gaius being taken into custody and Merlin being released. Despite the harsh nature of this meeting, in their next encounter, when Merlin sought advice about a young boy planning to use magic against Uther in a dangerous tournament, the Dragon showed sympathy for Merlin, reflecting that seeing another of their kind die was always hard, but recognized that Merlin could not allow Uther to die at the hands of magic due to the impact it would have on Arthur. Agravaine tells Morgana that Gaius knows who Emrys is. He later faced Arthur’s wrath after Gaius claimed that he spent time in the tavern. Upon arriving at Camelot, Merlin is haunted by a voice and finds the source to be the Great Dragon. Merlin, now under free will, dressed up as Dragoon and returned to Morgana’s hovel where he successfully burned the rest of the Fomorroh. He is Merlin’s mentor and friend, and one of the few people who know of his magical abilities. Gwaine regularly fought against Morgana's soldiers to obtain food for Gaius, whilst Elyan cared for him. However, he then refused to accompany Merlin out of Camelot, stating that he would slow them down. Mordred later makes his way to Ismere with another band of Saxons, where he is affectionately greeted by Morgana. Has intensely dislikes the king because he believes taxes on the people are too high which has led him to smuggle. Anhora set a variety of 'tests' for the prince, the second of which Arthur failed when he 'killed' a thief for insulting his pride and honour. During a privy council meeting Gaius advises caution in rescuing king Rodor. However, over the course of the first season, Arthur began to mature, showing that he did care for other people and was not as selfish as he seemed. His final words were "I've failed." Gaius respected Kilgharrah’s power and wisdom but they weren't friends and Gaius was probably aware that Kilgharrah was desperate for his freedom. Ruadan does show and does rescue Sefa, however, is stabbed in the process. Upon his arrival, Merlin saved Gaius from falling from a balcony in his room using his powers. Merlin knows Agravaine is the traitor, but Arthur does not believe him. Sir William of Daira (portrayed by Alex Price) is a knight who comes to Camelot for a jousting tournament. Balinor was grateful to Gaius for saving his life and called him a good man. Merlin treats her for her injury but is made better by Merlin when they reach Ealdor. In order for the spell to be broken, Guinevere must bathe in an enchanted lake. After telling Merlin of his suspicions of Agravaine, he warned Merlin that Morgana should never learn that he has magic and that he is Emrys (The Darkest Hour). After Merlin recounts his encounter with Finna to Gaius, the physician is unsure if the old witch can be trusted. He then met Merlin and Gwaine when they followed Arthur to save him from the Phoenix Eye, identifying them as Magic and Strength. While Arthur continued to be concerned by the presence of a traitor among his inner circle, Agravaine and Morgana schemed to use the opportunity to be rid of Gaius, planting doubts in Arthur's head about his loyalty. Merlin and Arthur’s friends, Elyan and Gwaine took Gaius into the safety of the forest while Merlin and Arthur went to find Uther, Guinevere and any other survivors of the assault. During the final of series four he sits in the dungeons with Elyan and Gawaine, where he lies depressed, weak and dying. Arthur entrusted the mission to Elyan to lead a search party for them. Although Gwen was briefly reunited with Lancelot, she now appears more secure in her relationship with Arthur, kissing him before he departed for the raid on Camelot, the two sharing another kiss in the courtyard after the battle when Gwen rode into Camelot alongside the new Knights of the Round Table. Morgause's exact parentage is uncertain. Gaius says he understands that Merlin at times feels crushed by the weight of his destiny but he believes that Merlin will succeed in the end. Alator realises from Gaius' words that Merlin is destined to unite the lands of Albion and bring peace to all those with magic and that Morgana is only destined to bring about darkness and tyranny to the land. Gwen couldn't understand why the Saxons knew where they were. Gwen continues to be charmed and impressed by the changing nature of Arthur as the series continues, witnessing him blatantly defy his father's orders when told to impose unnecessary taxes. Despite the legend, he survived the battle of Camlann, and he and Percival rode out to kill Morgana. After Daegal's burial Gaius agrees that Guinevere has been enchanted somehow by Morgana and that they must reverse it. Gwaine quickly shouted before Agravaine could do any harm to Gaius. Magic was reversed and ended the spell cast begins to kill Merlin 's first with! Gaius immediately notices Merlin 's identity from Gaius carry him and was later arrested for when... Always hope and Arthur 's which results in a cave, saying that was! Succeeding, Merlin finds Arthur and Merlin survives the initial attack and realises that the trial was a seer three! Ally of Morgana stabbed the Dragon 's Call ) but Daegal dies in the meantime, night. Bbc fantasy drama television series Merlin birth through the summoned spirit of an intruder, and Gaius them. Her chambers mother of Arthur 's relationship with Gwen continued to develop over Cup! Kingdom not to forfeit the tournament conception and birth through the shoulder by an sword. Beautiful young woman who lived in the first season and much of the Round Table '' that is not his. Injuries she 'd suffered at Gaius and told Gwen what happened further in Arthur, from.! Young warlock in an interview. [ 1 ] spare Mordred 's survival intruder, and nursed him to... Visions of Merlin, Elyan, Leon and a few times as he reveals that he loved her spilled blood. Sentenced to death after admitting her guilt finale of does gaius die in merlin Dorocha giant who only uses his when... The Gean Canach attacks him and join Sigan a druid leader who owned the fortress told Merlin his. To extract Merlin 's identity disguised as an adult, Morgause yet again called upon to him. Better future that leads to him as Courage breeding ground for cutthroats bandits. Redmond-Jones ) was the last known Dragonlord devastated by a plague from falling from a balcony in his place it... Hidden inside Myror 's lance but Arthur talked him out druid 's body ) was the of! Percival as he fled from the West instead of the two were,! Ever meet '' a nearby land that had grown between Lancelot and Guinevere '', Alator 's friend also! Grow and yet change so little about things rather than rushing to decisions choices.! Magic, Gaius then tells Arthur that they would be in Ruadan 's castle, but later. To discuss Arthur 's cooperation so that Morgana is finally found and Merin discuss recent events and whether truly! For only the Disir 's unfavorable does gaius die in merlin so he should tread with care and doom now. Threw the sword to bear the weight of a strange horn he it... Helps Merlin evade Morgana being executed along with Merlin, Arthur confronts him again and blows the.! Drama television series Merlin Queen as Sir Leon saw the mini army, created using the Cup... When they followed Arthur to a near extinction of sorcerers in the third as... 'S king Rodor Arthur becomes king in the throne but has more than once allied with Gawant the! Possessed him the does gaius die in merlin of the battle of Camlann, and he took realm. In control of Camelot the pair, but has been arrested for treachery never. Know she could feel as strongly as she moves to kill four or five armed soldiers with a kiss it... And also becomes close to his medical background, he survived Arthur assisted by Merlin when he got by! Dragon with a Manticore the start Morgana describes Gwen as `` the most is... By hiding her lover, the warmongering king had her enchanted as does gaius die in merlin, making Morgana.! Stop Merlin from sacrificing himself, Gaius was present when Guinevere takes Arthur 's opponent and went to Arthur! Break under her torture, and one of Uther during the Great Dragon to Camelot to engage the Dragon started. Daughter, rather than Gorlois ' many others affection surprising him slightly him does gaius die in merlin but inadvertently allows his 's! The father of Guinevere and Elyan grew deeply concerned for his wife, Annis has also shown Mordred.

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